Supporting Healthcare through Arts

Call out for Artists who could deliver Arts in Health sessions.

Call out for Artists who could deliver Arts in Health sessions.

The Arts in Health Project funded by BCHC Charity aims to deliver a far-reaching, accessible and participatory arts and cultural programme for the patients and healthcare workers of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. This helps to improve the mental health and wellbeing of patients and staff through arts sessions.

We are offering paid opportunities for freelance artists who are able to deliver bespoke artistic sessions; either directly to patients on wards, or to our hard working healthcare staff in numerous settings.

The wide ranging benefits of arts in healthcare include supporting physical, mental and emotional health as well as improving recovery through decreasing anxiety, relieving stress, boosting confidence and raising morale.

Arts Sessions currently offered by BCHC Charity

Thanks to generous grants, fundraising and donations, BCHC Charity offer the following types of sessions:

  • Music – including live performances by musicians, or interactive sessions e.g. drumming workshops.
  • Movement – such as dance or tai chi.
  • Arts and crafts workshops – such as painting, sculpting, mindful colouring etc.
  • Drama, including live performances or interactive workshops.

We are always looking to broaden our network of artists.

Do you think you can offer something new?

If you are a freelance artist who could provide an Arts in Health session and would like to know more please contact: