Who we are

Art Works has a steering group make up of people concerned with creativity and community

Art Works is governed by a steering group of people concerned with developing arts and community within Hall Green, Sparkbrook, Springfield, Balsall Heath, Moseley and Kings Heath. Here are the people who sit on the steering group, which meets approximately every six weeks.

Ted Ryan, Chair of Art Works and freelance project manager: Having studied Art and Design, I’ve has always been a keen participant in arts activity. I’ve had a number of exhibitions over the years and I’m currently working as a textile artist. I’ve also been involved other arts activities, such as being a stage manager and associate producer for a number of theatrical performances and as a production manager and executive producer for a feature film, made in Birmingham. For the past 15 years, I’ve provided support to community organisations’ through my freelance work. I have worked in debt advice, advocacy and skills development and I’ve developed community programmes through co-design with partners.

Hannah Greenwood, Team Lead, The Old Print Works, Balsall Heath: We believe everyone is creative, everyone has something to add and everyone has something to learn, and we seek to make this possible, affordable and enriching for all who come into The Old Print Works through an open, inclusive, sharing and empowering community.

Rachel Gillies, Partnerships and Participation Development Officer, Moseley Road Baths: I aim to connect and nurture curious citizens, confident in their heritage, rooted in their communities, through developing and delivering creative participatory film, arts and heritage projects.  At present I’m inviting people to connect with Moseley Road Baths and Balsall Heath Library as civic spaces where we can plot, plan and play!

Sara Hadi, Arts Producer, Mimar Collective CIC: I’ve worked in community engagement in numerous settings including arts and museums, education, charities, interfaith and community development.  I’m also a mother of three and a holistic therapist with a deep interest in people’s life journeys.  Mimar Collective is a community arts organisation serving diverse, marginalised audiences in and around Birmingham.

Sarah Robbins, Chief Executive Officer, The Springfield Project: We are based in the heart of Sparkhill, providing a range of services to combat poverty and isolation and support children and families to lead happy and healthy lives. We believe creativity is an integral part of that and look to ways in which we can use the arts to support our mission. I chair the Birmingham Early Years Music Consortium, working with early years partners and music organisations to benefit Birmingham’s youngest children.

Suzanne Hemming, Service Manager at Kinmos: We are committed to the social inclusion of those with a history of mental health issues. We use singing and poetry and craft to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves creatively.

In addition to the steering group, Jo Ind is the co-ordinator of Art Works.

Jo Ind, Writer and Arts Producer: I am fascinated by the power of stories. I like working in communities to craft stories together and experience their power of transformation.