Jane Thakoordin

I am a participatory artist, working mainly in textiles. I combine my creative skills and knowledge with my background (& current work) in adult mental health social work.

I combine my creative skills and teaching to run an arts practice that is rooted in coproduction, therapeutic mental health and trauma informed and socially engaged.

I mentor and am an associate artist with GAP Arts. I have a community studio space at TOPW where I create protest banners.

I qualified with a degree in Visual Arts from Lancaster University and have many years experience of reseaching, facilitating and evaluating arts projects, workshops and events.

Following a career as an arts administrator, I built on my community arts experience by qualifying in Social Work from Glasgow University. I went onto to manage a number of community based mental health services both in Glasgow, and more recently in Birmingham. I have a commitment to creativity and engagement and have been recognised nationally for my work in creative approaches to organsiational change and consultation. I deliver learning and engagement opportunities  with diverse groups of adults, young people and older adults.


I am founder of Birmingham Artivistas – combining creativity and political activism- two elements both very close to Jane’s heart.​

In 2016, I established The Black and Blue Collective a collaborative live arts organisation that works in co-production with artists and people with lived experience of mental health issues

Website: www.janethakoordin.com

E-mail: thakoordin@gmail.com