Blossom in Birmingham – job opportunities

The National Trust in Birmingham is recruiting for a Project Manager and Senior Project Coordinator to work with us on our ‘Blossom Together’ project to coincide with the Birmingham 2022 Festival. 

Project Manager: IRC107992 – Project Manager (

Senior Project Coordinator: IRC107991 – Senior Project Co-ordinator (

Blossom is the National Trust’s multi-year national programme and campaign that’s all about embedding blossom season as a time in the year for us to celebrate and reflect, connect with nature, culture and each other; and next year we’re bringing Blossom to Birmingham. 

These roles will be working with partners to deliver a programme that seeks to bring blossom to unexpected places and green spaces through a series of blossom tree ‘installations’ and a programme of tree planting in communities and a range of places across Birmingham and the Black Country during 2022 and 2023. 

The closing date for applications is Sunday 3 October.