Art Works gathering and AGM 2022

This is a space where artists, makers, community convenors and anyone interested in the power of participatory arts can come together to help build our creative community over a relaxed pot-luck lunch.

What can you give this community? What do you want to get out of this community?

We’ll be asking:

  • How might we make our neighbourhoods viable places to make and create art?
  • How might we engage more people in community arts and making?
  • How might we ensure that local artists can pursue meaningful creative careers?

In the spirit of sharing generously, all attendees are invited to prepare a 3 minute presentation on their work so we can all get a flavour of what others in our area are up to. You can be as creative as you want – present in person, prepare a powerpoint, perform something you’re working on, show us your finest work, pre-record a film…

We also are welcoming contributions to our pot luck lunch. This would ideally be lovingly homebaked soulfood, but we also have no issue with food foraged from the Lidl across the road!