We blossomed with Kinmos and the National Trust in Kings Heath Park

Art Works Hall Green and Kinmos came together with the National Trust to host a Blossom Picnic in Kings Heath Park in April.

We were celebrating the planting of blossom trees in Kings Heath Park, as part of the National Trust’s blossom project. The National Trust has been working with communities along the number 11 bus route to create a ring of blossom around the city.

In January, ten cherry blossom trees were planted in the park, as part of the project, with the help of Friends of Kings Heath Park.

Kinmos, which works with people with lived experience of mental health, had previously taken part by creating a beautiful blossom heart that was hung on a tree.

At the Blossom Picnic, around 60 people came together to celebrate with face-painting and mask-making with artists Rachael Hawkins, Mitch Schofield and Claudeine Turner-Schofield.  There was drumming with Damon Wilding.  Dennis the Menace and Captain America were there too…