Sophia Moffa

Sophia Moffa’s practice is focused on the connections between the plant kingdom and society, commenting on contemporary issues of privilege and inequalities within society.

She uses natural found materials which she sources within the urban green spaces, creating works that often transforms in parallel with the seasons in the city where she lives. Her work is influenced by the belief that we live in an oversaturated environment, which clouds and persistently feeds the mind. Due to this, her works are cyclical, temporary, and sustainable.

Moffa often works collaboratively with artists across different countries to build on a more collaborative art world and practice. This year she also set up “the travellers’ tree” a CIC which runs art workshops in nature for asylum seekers living in hostels across the West Midlands. Merging art, physical activities, and nature together to enable refugees to have a safe space to express themselves. She has run workshops for the Canal & River Trust, Super Slow Ways, Amal and the New Art Gallery Walsall.