Moseley Road Baths

Moseley Road Baths is developing a programme of health, wellbeing and creative activities through their ‘Moseley Road Baths Alive’ work. They are also developing space for Arts activities.

Their ‘Threading Tales Together’ project started in March 2021. They plan to offer yoga, drum’n’bounce, yoga for kids, wim hof meditation, cross stitching, poetry, hip-hop and photography, depending on the interests and stories of participants.


E-mail: Emily Butler at

Address: Moseley Road Baths, 497 Moseley Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9BX

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All activities aims to work with young people and local communities to make make sense of the world using creative and cultural action. There is a combination of one of projects that use a variety of art forms appropriate for the subject, and also one off events that are hosted by either the organisation or members of the community.

Address: The GAP, 498 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, B12 9AH



Instagram: @the____gap

Twitter: @the____gap

Facebook: @TheGAPArtsProject

Ort Gallery

Ort Gallery is an artist-led space in Birmingham with the social mission to facilitate dialogue in the community.

(picture credit Marcin Sz, artwork by Leah Gordon)




Address: 496 Moseley Road, B12 9AJ

E-mail: Josie Reichert –

Phone: 07724 613 406